Jumping for joy

mit Dwayne Holliday (in deutscher Sprache)


28. April 2018 (Samstag) 15-18 Uhr

jumping for joy

Jump into an aspect of yoga that brings vitality, dynamics and flow to your practice: Dynamic Sun Salutations including jumping forward, back and through to sitting. Jump for Joy focuses on all the ways we can flow, float, and jumpt through vinyasas, moving in a myriad of exciting ways from standing to Downward Dog. This class is perfect for anyone looking to ad spice to their own practice or their teaching.

Challenge yourself and accept that you are more than you imagined. Enliven your practice. Jump forward, jump on, jump through and jump for joy!

Kosten: 45 €

Yoga Individual Studio Karteninhaber erhalten 10% Rabatt auf den Workshop.