Elevate through strength – 10 hours flight school

mit Brad Franco (Kalifornien)

– Flight school für Yogaschüler und Yogalehrer  –

13 – 18 Uhr 9./10. Juni 2019 (2 Tage)

This class/training is about building a more strength based and safe practice. Add to  your own physical (and psychological) practice as well as learn to help others (if you are a teacher) by specific guided steps towards building strength with helpful sequencing and strong flows. Assist and learn the tricks to arm balances and inversions effectively through hands on and verbal cueing.


This training uncovers:
  • How to practice advanced asanas on yourown
  • Helpful sequencing
  • Live demonstrations
  •  Technical drills and movements
  • Partner co-operation
  • How to teach and assist arm balances and inversions safely!
The goal of this training is to allow you to:
  • Discover more about your own practice
  • Learn the how-to’s of getting into more strength based asanas physically and psychologically
  • Improve upon, and experiment within, yourown practice regarding arm balances and inversions.
  • Assist and teach these arm balances and inversions
  • Help others do the same
What to expect:
  • a light hearted (read: fun) and open space to grow mentally and physically as well as a get down to business approach
  • strong and sweaty vinyasa flows with playful and dynamic movements
  • Partner work and discussions, live demos
  • prehab and rehab work for keeping shoulders and hips strong and healthy.

Bring your study minds along, pen and paper, we are going to to have fun while in a strong learning environment.

What you will come away with:
  • A greater understanding of YOUR OWN PERSONAL PRACTICE
  • Specific physical practices and drills that will strengthen your body and mentality
  • A feeling of clarity towards the areas which need more expansion in your practice
  • Greater trust in yourself

Kosten: 160 €

180 € für Externe

Anmeldungen bitte per App, Mail (info@yogaindividual.com) oder im Studio.